Anthony Caro

Sir Anthony Alfred Caro was born in England in 1924. He found his love for sculpture through his introduction to the British sculptor Charles Wheeler by working in his studio through out his education. He received his undergraduate degree in welding from Christ’s College, Cambridge, England. Subsequent to his year in the Royal Navy, he pursued studies from 1947 to 1952 at the Royal Academy Schools studying sculpture. After establishing mentorships with both Henry Moore and then David Smith, Caro was enamored by both modernism and abstract art.

Caro’s progression as an artist was made evident from the 1950s to the 1960s as he began to abandon his figurative work and move on to constructing sculptures out of various large pieces of metal. His process begins through either welding or bolting the metal pieces together, proceeded by the treatment of painting the sculpture with a flat, bold color. The sculpture became accessible to viewers by it’s removal from the base that was common during the time that Caro had been creating. This allowed for viewers to approach, inspect, and interact with the piece from all sides, angles, and levels.

As time progressed, Caro never lost sight of his own individuality, but also welcomed personal transition and growth as the art world and his experiences evolved. In the 1980s, Caro’s visit to Greece proved beneficial as he reconnected with figures and plot lines through out his pieces. His influence and his evolution provided for immense success for the remainder of his time as he became internationally reknowned through sculpture, drawing, design, architecture, and teaching. He passed away in England in 2013.