Don Brown

Don Brown was born in Norfolk, United Kingdom in 1962. He is internationally know for his beautiful scultpures focusing on his wife, Yoko. After graduating from both the Central School of Art, London and then the Royal College of Art, London, Brown became recognized for his smooth surfaced bronze and acrylic sculptures as well as drawings of the petite young woman. Brown’s education in sculpture is evident through his classical approach in depicting the human body. Brown then builds on his classical training and makes it unique by not idealizing Yoko’s body.

His appreciation and passion for his wife is easily read through the variation in ways that he portrays her. Some of the images esque a stronger impression of sexuality, while others honor her innocence. His attention to detail pays homage to his observant eye and ability to make Yoko command attention by looking so life-like.

Brown’s work transcends sculpture moving to both photographic and illustrative mediums. When photographing his sculptures, he shoots them in daylight against a white background. This enhances the aforementioned detailing while simultaneously offering a different view of the sculpture itself. He is quoted saying, “It’s as if everything is concentrated in a single view and the surface is uninturrupted.” In addition, his illustrative depictions of his other subjects being fruit and eggs makes the entire series cumulative.