Don Brown

Don Brown was born in Norfolk, United Kingdom in 1962. He is internationally know for his beautiful sculptures of his wife, Yoko. After graduating from the Central School of Art, London and then the Royal College of Art, London, Brown became known for his smooth-surfaced bronze and acrylic sculptures as well as drawings of the petite young woman. Brown’s education in classical sculpture is evident through his approach to depicting the human body, but his own practice is evident in his conscious abstention from idealizing Yoko’s figure.

His appreciation and passion for Yoko is easily understood through the collection of extensive and varied portrayals of her. Some of the renderings give a stronger impression of sexuality, while others honor her innocence. His meticulous attention to detail imbues his depictions of Yoko with a truly life-like resonance.

Brown’s work transcends just sculpture, as he moves between both photographic and illustrative mediums as well. He photographs his sculptures in daylight against a stark white background, providing an alternative perspective of the sculpture itself while still highlighting the sculptural subtleties and nuances of his subject. Brown once described the distinct experience of viewing his sculptures: “It’s as if everything is concentrated in a single view and the surface is uninterrupted.”