Eiichi Shibata

Eiichi Shibata was born in 1970. As one of the earliest members at Kobo Syu, a creative workshop for adults with developmental disabilities in Saitama Prefecture, Shibata’s works were notably mentioned in the New York Times article “Feeling Right at Home on the Fringe: Outsider Art Fair Opens at 548 West 22nd Street” in 2013.

He has recently presented a solo exhibition at Yukiko Koide Presents in Tokyo. Selected recent group exhibitions include “Super Pure” at Yokohama Civic Art Gallery in Kanagawa, “Color Box of Magician” at Museum of Alternative Art in Tochigi, “Kobo Shu” at Yokohama Portside Gallery in Kanagawa, “Saitama Muse Forum: Art and Naivity” at the Museum of Modern Art in Saitama and “Group Show of Contemporary Artists 2012: Kobo Shu – Expression to Live” at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Tokyo.