Tatsuya Suzuki

Tatsuya Suzuki was born in 1977 in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Entirely self-taught, he has developed a unique mixed-media practice that combines photography with traditional Japanese materials. He begins with the intuitive process of selecting sites, which he then captures with his camera. Upon developing the photograph, Suzuki employs a meticulous transfer technique onto Japanese rice paper, deliberately subtracting a certain portion of the original image. Finally, by applying sumi ink and powdered mineral pigments onto the rice paper, he constructs entirely new landscapes. His method is a complex and intricate process of making and unmaking, resulting in artworks that portray a reality which is simultaneously dismantled and reconstructed.

Suzuki invites viewers to contemplate and engage with the natural world. His pioneering perspective on landscapes has been recognized in prominent galleries across Japan. In 2022, Suzuki was honored with APA Photo Award Selection from Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography; that same year, he earned the coveted Japan Photo Award “Intuition”.