Alberto Giacometti & On Kawara

November 06, 2014 - December 20, 2014

Once the object has been constructed, I have a tendency to discover in it, transformed and displaced, images, impressions, facts which have deeply moved me.
-Alberto Giacometti

Yoshii Gallery is pleased to present the Alberto Giacometti and On Kawara exhibition. The exhibition features selected works of both artists, consisting of a Giacometti sculpture in presented in conjunction with paintings by On Kawara from his Date Paintings (1965 – present) series.

Despite the contrast between Giacometti’s figure sculpture and Kawara’s Conceptual paintings, the works by both artists share a mutual interest in human existence. The seemingly insignificant and lone dates on the canvases, in which Kawara documents his individual existence, complement the isolation felt in Giacometti’s elongated and severely attenuated figure sculptures.  The two bodies of work truly echo each other’s interest in the nature of humanity and consciousness. By exhibiting the two artists simultaneously, a direct comparison of the similar ideologies amongst the works is permitted.

The Gallery’s minimalist space cooperates in harmonizing the works without interference to each individual piece. By allowing both sculpture and Conceptual art to co-exist within the space, the exhibition encourages thoughtful contemplation for the viewer to reflect upon the artists’ existential ideologies.