Eternal Foliage

April 07, 2023 - April 28, 2023

Yoshii Gallery is pleased to present Eternal Foliage, a group show that highlights work by three female artists: Yukiko Suto, Victoire Bourgois, and Setsuko Morita.  Each artist incorporates nature into her work in a way that provides a unique outlook on the subject.

Yukiko Suto chooses to portray a horseweed – a plant that is usually demonized as an invasive weed.  She draws her inspiration directly from her surroundings, elevating these wild flowers that stubbornly take root in sidewalks and gardens.  By depicting this plant in isolation, Suto focuses on its often-overlooked beauty, rather than its controversial role in our environment.

Victoire Bourgois uses hand sculpted glass to create a delicate bird’s nest.  Bourgois’s work touches on the transformative power of nature in which a pile of twigs can come together to create a home.  Her chosen medium of glass further elevates the work, emphasizing the delicate nature of the nest and the balance of our ecosystem.

Setsuko Morita’s works explore both the transience and vitality of nature. Made from finely twisted copper and iron wire, the works cut a three-dimensional presence in space.  Suspended in mid-air as their shadows play behind them, the artworks seem at once ephemeral and everlasting.

The works by these three artists create an interesting contrast in their vastly different materials.  But, when displayed together, they coalesce to produce a multi-faceted ode to nature and its eternal qualities.