November 07, 2019 - January 25, 2020

Yoshii Gallery is pleased to present Food, featuring post-war and contemporary works of art. The exhibition sources from artists producing work in the past 60 years to illustrate the wide and varying representations and perceptions of food.

To these artists, food is both metaphorical and literal, mass-consumed and unimportant, exquisitely delectable and downright unappetizing. Food is masqueraded in materials like bronze, Styrofoam, plaster, and graphite; as a result, the objects have inexplicable appeal to what is considered intellectual and highbrow as well as what satisfies a basic and democratic desire.

The artworks on display seek to investigate not only what is appetizing to us individually, but as a collective in a high-volume, mass-consuming, and mass-producing culture. Through the use of branding, replication, and visual costuming, each artist attempts to tap into a complex and constantly evolving consumerist zeitgeist. Even in their bizarre and peculiar renderings, the inherent familiarity found in these works provide a testament to how crucial and massive of a role food plays in our world.