Jaime Franco

April 04, 1991 - May 04, 1991

Yoshii Gallery is pleased to introduce the work of Jaime Franco in his first New York exhibition.

Yoshii Gallery has been following the progress of Franco’s work for the past several years. We know the art world will be as impressed as we are by the mature developing art created by this twenty-seven year old Colombian artist.

Franco paints large abstract paintings with extremely beautiful surfaces. The paintings reveal themselves as the finely wrought surfaces emotionally resonate with a rich underpainting of slowly developed layers.

As Terry R. Myers has written in an essay on Franco’s work: “Each of Franco’s paintings – by not achoring itself onto a complete gridwork, but instead by isolating fragments of competing grid structures – is formally disrupted in a manner in keeping with the spirit of the painterly effect that move around its surface… Franco’s paintings come down on the side of solid objects as concrete things that refer to the immaterial wihtout yielding to it, that discuss the transcendental wihtout overstating it… These paintings are distinctive examples of the fact that the grid is no longer silent or hostile, but rather open to the divergent, worthwhile discussions that are put upon, ordered around, or presented against it.”