Marlene Tseng Yu: Deep Sea Gardens and Concave Veils

September 12, 1991 - October 05, 1991

Yoshii Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibtion of new paintings by Marlene Tseng Yu. The exhibtion consists of work from two series, “Deep Sea Gardens” and “Concave Veils.”

The “Deep Sea Gardens” series consists of work in which an undersea landscape and a figure often merge and converge. Almost as if both the movement of the sea and the mutability of the figure create momentary glimpses never to be seen the same way again.

The “Concave Veils” series consists of more abstract, landscape inspired, veil-like passages of color washes and stains. The colors move in, over and around each other to create perfect visual moments and, like the “Deep Sea Gardens,” radiate with an edge to edge, all over emotional pitch.

Over a nearly three-decade career, with exhibitions throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, Marlene Yu has imbued her work with a deceptively hard-edged, nature-inspired colorfield abstraction. She mixes this abstraction with a sense of Oriental visual bounty built on her early training in Chinese watercolor painting, infusing this ancient tradition with the freshness of contemporary art and an American sensibility.

A concurrent exhibition of paintings by Marlene Yu will take place in Berne, Switzerland from August 24th to October 18th at the Musée Pierre Von Allmen.