Taizo Kuroda White Porcelain – Cylinders

Opening reception with the artist: April 27, 6-8pm

April 27, 2017 - June 30, 2017

If, hypothetically of course, the thoughts in my head were capable of existing purely as thoughts, completely independently of my flesh, my ideal cylinder would be ‘not something to look at, nor something to show, nor to hold, let alone have held. In truth, it would be something neither visible, nor something to make.’  -Taizo Kuroda

Yoshii Gallery is pleased to present Taizo Kuroda White Porcelain – Cylinders, the first in a series of three annual exhibitions of Taizo Kuroda’s ceramics. Kuroda’s process is a unique combination of meditation and self-expression, which he uses to seek a harmonious balance of mind and body. By repeating the cylinder form, Kuroda attempts to reach the goal of perfection, only to realize that with his hand crafted execution, perfection is impossible. Instead he finds the beauty of human fragility in his works, leaving an asymmetry that is infinitely more interesting than most modern porcelains created from molds. When he sits down at the wheel, Kuroda is not solely focused on the form, rather what it encloses, a miniature universe that is contained in these simple shapes. His work is as much about what we can’t see as it is about what we can see. It is this juxtaposition that brings substance and character to these pure and clean shapes. His ceramics are characterized by their refined forms, commanding presence, and the subtle imperfections that show an artist’s touch; they are the perfect balance of ordinary and extraordinary. The delicate proportions and translucency of the porcelain create a simplicity and lightness that produces a feeling of tension and peaceful sensibility at the same time. He is strict and humble in his execution, accepting only the most beautiful and nearly perfect, yet hand made objects you see before you today. The restrained expression and purity of his works, proves that he is not just an object maker, but that Kuroda is truly an artist.

Born in 1946 in Japan, Kuroda’s pursuit of his unique expression started in 1976 when he studied ceramics in Canada. He returned to Japan in 1981 to seek guidance from master ceramicist, Tatsuzo Shimaoka. In 1992, Kuroda developed his distinct style and has been using white porcelain combined with a spirit of free creativity since then. Kuroda is a pioneer of white porcelain, using only his hands and a pottery wheel to spin the purest of white clay into art. Kuroda’s works have been exhibited extensively across the world including the notable exhibition Taizo Kuroda White Porcelain presented by Yoshii Gallery at Design Miami/Basel 2008, featuring a Tadao Ando designed water-table display for Kuroda’s works. His works are in the collections of the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art, Cleveland Museum of Art, The Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Brooklyn Museum of Art.