Tanya Marcuse: Photographs

January 06, 1994 - January 29, 1994

The Yoshii Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of photographs by Tanya Marcuse. Marcuse will debut a series of images of archaic sculptural fragments taken in Greece as well as selections from her ongoing photographic exploration of the human form.

Marcuse brings to the long history of photography’s interaction with classical sculpture a subversive eye which seeks out the abject, the artificial, and the surreal. Her velvety platinum prints of images shot in the thick half-light of musty archaeological repositories are laced with a quirky visual wit and subtle, poignant observations on gender, history, and art-making.

The Greece photographs are complemented by selections from Marcuse’s ongoing catalogue of nudes. In these works, she crops, distorts, and fragments the human body into tableaux. Frequently she juxtaposes the seductive elegance of the platinum print medium against off-putting visual vignettes. The result are images which function like a fun-house mirror in a Chanel compact, reflecting the beauty and strangeness of ourselves.

Tanya Marcuse has shown at the A.R.C Gallery in Chicago and most recently at Trial Balloon in New York. This exhibition is the artist’s first one-person show.