Tetsuya Yamada: Memory of Future

October 28, 2010 - December 04, 2010

The rhythms, which are cultivated by the way I experience my surroundings, remain as memories. The collection of memories creates a kind of landscape, which in turn, produces the rhythm. As a result, the rhythm creates images that are architectural, mechanical, and landscape-like vision that remain abstract, and has an attitude of optimism.

– Tetsuya Yamada

Yoshii Gallery is pleased to announce Memory of Future, an exhibition of new works, including works on paper and sculptures by Tetsuya Yamada. This will be Yamada’s first solo exhibition with Yoshii Gallery.

In this series, Tetsuya Yamada explores the theme of the rhythm. It is a metaphor that mirrors Yamada’s speculation on the correlation between the past and the future. A rhythm that surrounds the individual, a rhythm that let him flow and travel, and at the same time sets his limits. That rhythm is reinvented by Yamada in a dramatic palimpsest that transforms its true element for the one that he desires. In this exhibition, Yamada’s works combine mediums such as ceramics and wood to create a coherent narrative of a structure’s actualization. The fusion of strong lines and curvy shapes within initial concepts foreshadow the eventual harmony of his realized structures.

Tetsuya Yamada plays with the notion of the ideal configuration, this fantastic component that avoids to be recognized. A rhythm that has been concentrated in an alchemy of color, and that can be read simultaneously conceptual and geometric.

Tetsuya Yamada was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1968. He studied at Tamagawa University before receiving his MFA from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. He is also a professor at University of Minnesota. His works has been the subject of solo exhibitions including “Commuter”, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis (2009); “Morice”, Francis Naumann Fine Art, New York (2007), and “Chant: Beyond the Ready-made”, John Elder Gallery, New York (2004).