Yuri Kuper: Collage

March 04, 1993 - April 24, 1993

Yoshii Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Yuri Kuper in an installation entitled Collage. The exhibition will open on March 4th and extend through April 24th.

Last year Yoshii Gallery presented a very well received exhibition of Yuri Kuper’s paintings, drawings and objects, entitled Homage to the Box. The current exhibition, Collage, consists of paintings, drawings and objects. The Toulon City Museum in France is planning a retrospective of Mr Kuper’s work later this year.

Yuri Kuper was born in 1940 in Moscow, Russia. Mr. Kuper studied at the academy of Soviet Artists and has refined his artistic style through his travels and stays in Europe, Japan and the United States. He has steadily shown his works in reputable galleries around the world over a span of 22 years. During those years he also designed sets and costumes for several theaters, including his most recent collaboration with Mr. Robert Altman for “McTeague” at the Lyric Opera of Chicago.