Tadao Ando: The Process of Creation Catalog

by Tadao Ando

Published in 2005

Price: $1,500.00, signed and with drawing

Tadao Ando: The Process of Creation catalog consists of ten architecture project drawings each bound separately in emaki-style which is a handscroll folded like an accordion album, with separate volumes of description of each project, photographs and an essay by Tadao Ando. All eleven volumes are neatly contained in a silk-screened acrylic slipcase.

The ten architecture project drawings featured in this catalog are:

Church of the Light
Rokko Housing I, II, III
Chikatsu-Asuku Historical Museum, Osaka
Hanshin Awaji Earthquake – Kobe Waterfront Plaza – Hyogo Prefecture Museum of Art
Benesse House / Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum
Chichu Art Museum / Naoshima
Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Calder Museum
Fran├žois Pinault Foundation of Contemporary Art

Each volume consists of four color offset print on 200g snow white Araveal paper, folded and bounded by hand with a cover in double ply of the same paper.

Text description volume:
W 4 3/4 x H 7 11/16 inches (W 120 x H 195mm)
29 architecture color photographs by Tadao Ando
4 black and white photographs by Roland Hagenberg
4 color offset printing on matte coated paper in double ply of 200kg snow white Araveal paper with Smythe sewing binding

Total of 11 volumes contained in a 3/16 inches thick silk-screened acrylic slipcase. Dimensions 4 13/16 x 8 1/8 x 5 1/8 inches (123 x 207 x 130mm) W x H x D

This edition is enclosed inside a protective carton box, each signed by Tadao Ando. Printed and manufactured in Japan

Edition of 500

ISBN: 1-887054-04-9 / 978-1-887054-04-1